“Before coming to see Sarah, I was very achy, sore, and often had digestive discomfort and pain. I was CONSTANTLY hungry and rarely felt satisfied. I was often tired and had no energy or motivation. Now my digestive discomfort is practically gone. I am rarely hungry and find myself finishing meals with food left on my plate. I rarely snack and feel more purposeful and less clouded mentally.”

“Before, my PMS was borderline if not PMDD. Very emotional, mood swings, depressed before and after my periods and during ovulation. Trouble falling asleep or waking up and not falling back to sleep easily. Constantly tired, crashing mid-afternoon on a daily basis. Spiking and crashing during the day. Unable to focus or perform daily tasks about what was necessary. Now, I have leveled out during/before menstruation – my husband doesn’t even know I’m PMS’ing! My days are very even keel – no spiking and crashing. I get a solid 7 hours of sleep usually falling asleep for those hours. I am able to sustain my energy levels to get things done throughout the day that I need and want to do more. More mentally alert.”

– Maribeth

“Before I embarked upon my journey to better health through NRT, I was addicted to Coca Cola, chocolate, and junk food in general. I often took long naps in the morning, and was tired often. I was depressed about my overall health, having re-gained 40 pounds I had lost two years prior. I was concerned a lot about my kidney and heart health, as my mother died from those issues. I could cry at the drop of a dime. Although initially there were times where I struggled or sabotaged my own healing, I have learned a lot about health in general, and desire to put good things into my body. I no longer crave sodas and sugars, not even chocolate. I haven’t had to take a nap in months. I have lost weight without starving myself and the numbness in my hands has been reduced. I have not been depressed, but rather excited to continue my healing and progress.

– Susan

“One of my main concerns was that I was exhausted all the time and always felt like I needed a nap after lunch. I am feeling a large improvement. I will still get slightly tired in the afternoon here and there but it has gotten so much better since seeing Sarah. I’m pretty amazed at how I can actually feel normal.”

– Karen

“Why I came to NRT was brought on by severe burning in both eyes, and headaches. I knew that dry eyes had been bothering me for many years and drops were becoming less effective, but the sudden increase in pain was overwhelming. The eye doctor had no answers for me other than using baby soap to wash my eyelids, which did very little. There was a pain in my left knee that came and went suddenly behind the kneecap. Another pain was in the upper thigh muscle for many years that occasionally required lifting the leg by hand to get inside the car. Now the eyes are feeling great without using baby soap, and dry eyes drops. The headaches are also gone. The pain behind the kneecap is gone. The pain in the thigh muscle is also gone, and I no longer have to lift my leg by hand to get into the car.

– E.B. Age 80

I want to share about a journey I started a little over 6 weeks ago. First, let me explain the pictures. The first picture was on Mother’s Day this year.  It’s one of only 2 pictures  on Mother’s Day and I purposely did not post it online because I was displeased with how I looked.

The second picture was a few weeks ago on my 30th birthday. Now, about my journey… About 2 months ago I started seeing a nutrition response therapist after noticing that my thinning hair was getting worse. It had started thinning about 3 years ago and I went to Dr. after Dr. to determine what the cause was. Every test and lab came back normal. It made me depressed every time I noticed it mainly because I didn’t know why it was thinning, and I didn’t know how bad it was going to get. As a last ditch effort I contacted Sarah Outlaw at Natural Health Improvement Center of South Jersey.

After seeing her and having muscle testing done, she was able to determine that my body was very nutritionally deficient and that the diet that I had thought was relatively healthy was actually contributing to many issues I was having, including my thinning hair.

To help heal my body, I removed from my diet all the foods that were damaging my body and started repairing my body using Standard Process whole food supplements. Roughly 6 weeks ago I stopped eating any and ALL grains, eggs, and dairy and I significantly cut back my sugar intake.  At the same time I increased my veggie and healthy fat intake and continued to eat healthy portions of meat. At each follow up appointment with Sarah we could tell my body was responding well to the changes… And it was happening rather quickly! The initial change that I noticed in the first week was I no longer felt bloated. By the second week my skin (that pretty much always had breakouts) had cleared up and I actually felt confident enough to leave the house without makeup on. I think the most significant improvement was my energy level. I mean… THROUGH THE ROOF energy!!

At the same time I increased my veggie and healthy fat intake and continued to eat healthy portions of meat. At each follow up appointment with Sarah we could tell my body was responding well to the changes… And it was happening rather quickly! The initial change that I noticed in the first week was I no longer felt bloated. By the second week my skin (that pretty much always had breakouts) had cleared up and I actually felt confident enough to leave the house without makeup on. I think the most significant improvement was my energy level. I mean… THROUGH THE ROOF energy!!

I started working out in February and didn’t lose a single pound. By adding in the diet changes and supplements, I am finally seeing results. I’ve been married for almost 7 years and during that time I steadily gained weight… This is the first time in 7 years I actually LOST weight! I still have a long road to go to completely heal my body but I am super pleased with the results I’m having even in just these first 6 weeks. I will say, the cravings are still there sometimes and I do miss a lot of my old favorites, but I can also say I’m still eating good and YUMMY foods that I used to eat, but I’m just having more of them now that the junk has been cut out 

The willpower that I have gained to resist the temptations (no one in my house or family is eating this way but they are ALL so supportive which really helps!!!) has been surprising to me!! I wouldn’t consider myself a super determined person but I think the fact that I feel great has help me to stick with it!! (I know in these pictures a lot of the improvements I mentioned aren’t super obvious bc I’m wearing make up and they are only pictures of my head. I didn’t intend to track my progress with “before and afters” so I just scrounged up what I could find picture wise.) ~J.B.

“Since 2005, I was getting debilitating chest and upper body pain.  It was a few times a year at first, but gradually increased in frequency and intensity.  Then, from 2012 – 2014, it occurred monthly.  I wearily sought for the cause, wanting desperately to eliminate any triggers.  At first, I thought it was triggered by food – coffee, wheat, dairy – but there were times that I’d wake up in the middle of the night with the pain. 

Over the years, I saw my family doctor, went to the emergency room once, and even saw a heart specialist.  My family doctor said it was stress related.  The emergency room physician diagnosed it as inflammation of the cartilage around my sternum.  The heart doctor told me that my heart was perfectly healthy after an echocardiogram.  So, I attempted to reduce the amount of stress in my life, and I was eating a wholesome diet of pastured meats, soaked grains, raw dairy, fruits and vegetables, and fermented foods.  I was attempting to exercise, but this often proved too stressful for my body, and would sometimes even trigger the pain.

Whenever the chest pain occurred, regardless of the trigger, it would put me out of commission for at least twenty-four hours, if not two to three days of slow and burdensome recovery.  Within those initial twenty-four hours, I’d have to lay on the couch, propped up, doing everything I could to not move.  I’d lose my appetite, and it would even hurt to breath too heavily.  Any movement at all, particularly up and down, would cause excruciating pain.


In addition to this, I was experience abnormal exhaustion.  I’d wake up exhausted, and even after eight or nine hours of sleep, I’d feel like I hadn’t slept for a minute.  By the evening routine of dinner, washing up and getting our four children ready for bed, I too was ready to lay down for a few days.  If I sat or laid down on the couch for a few minutes to rest, I needed my wife’s help to get up.  

At this time, I was very irritable, and my home and work life were affected.  I had to burn many vacation days because of the chest pain, and because of my susceptibility to illness.  This further strained my wife, who diligently and patiently made up for my lack of energy in the home. 

I had more or less accepted my physical ailments as normal up until this point, and assumed it would last the rest of my life.  My wife, who had been seeing Sarah for a few months prior, strongly encouraged me to do the same.  I didn’t want to, and didn’t think it would help at all, but seeing the benefits my wife was experiencing, and that her energy had rebounded, and  I agreed to give it a try.  That, coupled with the fact that I had just come off a serious three day fever/stomach bug, then a case of hand/foot/mouth, my physical health was at an all time low.  Needless to say, I was desperate for change. 

Within the first two weeks of seeing Sarah, I actually got worse because I had cut out all caffeine, dairy, grains (including rice and oats) and sugars (natural and unnatural).  I literally felt like I was on the brink of death.  I felt like I was ninety years old and ready to pass through.  (Note from Sarah – Sometimes cutting out everything cold turkey can be too fast for the body, so going slower can be more beneficial.)

After those two weeks of physical hell, I slowly regained my energy.  For those five months (my initial 12 visits with Sarah), I did not get any chest pain.  I wasn’t burning vacation days for sicknesses and chest pain.  I am slowly learning the ways that God has designed my organs to be in harmony with one another, through subtle adjustments in my diet and supplement regime.  

I have regained my strength and normal body weight, and have abundant energy to give to my family and friendships.  Instead of functioning in constant survival mode, we now have energy to pursue, little by little, dreams and desires that God has laid on our hearts.  Not only are we experiencing physical health, but also emotional satisfaction in our marriage, family, friendships and pursuits.  What a blessing this has been to our family.”

– Joseph

Before, I felt tired and bloated all the time. I was stuck at the same weight for a while. My medications were both birth control, thyroid, and wellbutrin. I took myself off all but the thyroid meds. I was eating bad foods,

Now, I’ve started to feel more alert and less bloated. I actually lost 5 pounds. I am trying to really stick to a Paleo Diet. I’m doing awesome with it!

Before I came in for Nutrition Response Testing, I craved sweets and carbohydrates. I felt tired, woke up tired, went to bed tired. I had good habits of eating; no salt, limited dairy, little meat, but also may carbohydrates that were not satisfying.

Now, my craving for sweets has gone. I feel more energetic. The supplements seem to help curb my food cravings. Many times I am just not hungry and just take supplements for lunch! Fruits and vegetables are much more satisfying!


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