Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance. Most insurance companies do not cover nutrition. However, some of our patients have submitted their receipts to their insurance companies and received reimbursement. We do accept HSA and FSA cards but be sure to check with your provider that our services are accepted by them.

Do you accept children into your nutrition program?

Yes! We are firm believers in getting a handle on children’s’ nutritional needs to help break the cycle of dis-ease that plagues each continued generation.

It is our policy that a parent or guardian (the one in the family who controls the food) must be on a nutrition program themselves prior to a child getting on a program. We will test a child to see if they are a candidate, but a program cannot be started without a parent on a program as well. There are usually food eliminations that are an easier transition if a parent has already gone through them. The testing method that we use requires a child to use their arm as the strength indicator. Younger children are not able to do the testing by themselves so we need a parent to act as the “indirect tester” and they must be on a nutritional program so they don’t interfere with the testing results. 2020 Update: We do now accept children on a program without a parent on a case-by-case, pre-approved basis. Please contact us for information.

How long will it take me to get better?

Everyone heals at their own pace. Nutrition is not a band-aid. It gets to the root of the symptoms, which does take time. It’s not a quick fix or emergency room care. It takes a long time for a symptom to show up. It can take awhile to have lasting, sustainable healing. Most patients can expect at least an 8-month to 3-year time-frame, not seeing us every week, but maintaining their progress. The programs are done in 12-18 visit increments.

Does Nutrition Response Testing hurt?

No. We simply use the strength of your are muscle to determine the status of your health. It is non-invasive, safe and natural for all ages.

Will I have to take supplements on a nutrition program?

Yes. We use whole food supplements as the genuine replacement parts the body needs to heal itself. Most digestive systems are not functioning well enough to optimally use the food we eat. Organic, whole food supplements are very important to kick the body into healing mode. Sometimes we use herbs and homeopathy as well. We help you change your diet and achieve optimal health!

Do you take vegetarians or vegans as clients?

Many of whole food nutrition products that we use to help the body heal have animal glandulars in them. If vegetarian or vegan clients will still take the supplements, we will take them on as clients. If not, then they will not get the results we are used to getting with our clients on full nutrition programs.

How much does a Consultation cost?

 An initial consultation is for an adult with Sarah is $299. A child initial is $189. With Associate Practitioners it is $249. A child initial is $149. It is 60-90 minutes and includes all the testing. This price also includes the Report of Findings appointment (30 minutes to an hour) done either the same day or on a separate day depending on schedule and practitioner. At the Report of Findings, if you are a Nutrition Response Testing Case, we will go over the program recommendations going forward.

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